czwartek, 5 kwietnia 2012


Arising experimnetal genre artist, Dillon, released in 2011 her first album (This Silence Kills), the reviews of which are very complimentary and full of hope. From the very first seconds, you can hear the similarity to Lykke Li in both music and vocals. Hypnotizing "Tip Tapping" and perfect "Thirteen Thirtyfive" are the best examples of Dillon's acuteness. You can feel that this young artist's perfectionism, sometimes even exaggerated, will let her move on to higher things. I will definitely observe Dillon's development, as she has a knack for singing.

Taste it yourselves!

Dillon - Tip Tapping

Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

Dillon's Website

wtorek, 20 marca 2012

Gareth Clarke

Gareth Clarke represents the IDM/breakcore genre and his potential for popularising it is endless. Play his LP in your Winamp and unwind in your seats.

Two dope tracks (foretaste):

Gareth Clarke - Pax Assyriaca  


sobota, 17 marca 2012

Made In Heights

A fantastic duo (Kelsey Bulkin- vocals, Sabzi- producer) with two worth-checking EPs: "Winter Pigeons" and "Aporia: In These Streets" (start with the second one). If you're looking for a fresh trip-hop sounds, it's the best choice at the moment. Personally, I was astonished by very first seconds of these albums.

Made In Heights - Wildflowers (Exhale Efreet)


Some useful links to find out more:

czwartek, 15 marca 2012

Álfheimr - What Allows Us To Endure

Álfheimr is a project by Madison Asche. His music is influenced by well-known artists and bands such as Radiohead, Sigur Rós or Bjork. His album What Allows Us To Endure is a quintessence of ambient. It's relaxing and you will find it the best tranquilliser after a busy day at work or school.

Álfheimr - A Song For Time & Forgiveness

Álfheimr - A Song For Laughter & Forgetting


Check Álfheimr's other projects:

Stay tuned.

środa, 14 marca 2012


Quite tough to describe, as most of experimental music from this genre but definitely worth checking. Spacelike sounds are corresponding with tracks' titles- names of orbs from our solar system. Charging comet, quiet Moon or the funeral of Pluto- every track has its emotional reflection.

Ʌ - Sun (Mino Rattle)

Ʌ - Neptune (Monuments)


Make sure you check more at:

Sadistik & Kid Called Computer - The Art of Dying

A rapper, a poet, an artist- three words, which describe Sadistik fully. Joining forces with Kid Called Computer was bang on. Paying attention to the beautiful lyrics, we can be sure that this album is one of the best emorap albums ever. Personally, I was astonished by the emotions slopping from the speakers.

My favorites:

(2:31-2:37 is a pure art)

Some links:

Sadistik Official
Sadistik & Kid Called Computer on
Kid Called Computer on MySpace
Kid Called Computer on Facebook


A gifted witch house producer, who released a colletion of memorable tracks. Still too few though.
His only  bigger project is B.S+B+J.A+S.L EP

My personal favorites:

The video to DolzigerStrasse6 should also draw your attention:

Some useful links to help you explore other projects of  ♡✝✝VIKERNESCROZ✝✝Ω:

He should be made definitely more famous.

Stay tuned.